Monday, May 11, 2009

Co-Producing Singer/Songwriter - Timothy Cannon

This week has seen a fair bit of work going into co-producing the lovely songs of singer/songwriter Timothy Cannon. I've worked on a few of Cannon's songs before (including Silver Lining) but this time I am working with a few other musicians (Stewart Taylor - Bass & Mark Leahy - Drums) which makes for much more possibilities arrangement wise.
The band got together the weekend before going into the studio and sketched out some arrangements to maximize productivity once we get into the studio and time is money.

We are in the studio at the moment recording and it's coming up really well. I wouldn't say it's been smooth sailing all the way, but we are all very happy with how everything is progressing. I will post some interesting thoughts, observations and photos from the recording session soon.

- Andrew

And, last but not least, we couldn't resist a little bit of fun: Mark, the drummer, decided to show off his skills on the piano. Check it out, it's the first time he's ever played!

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Elodie said...

This all looks pretty swish~~